How to Post Videos on Instagram

How do I post my video on Instagram? This is a question we asked all the time!  Posting videos to Instagram are a little different than posting a simple photo.  Sometime it can seem confusing or maybe your not sure of all the settings you have available to you when posting a video on Instagram.  Well today, we are answering all your questions!


 how to post videos on instagram, tonemedia, nj wedding videographers


If you are trying to post your wedding video, brand video or any other video that was pre-edited to Instagram, getting to your phone so you can post can sometimes be so confusing! There are a few programs and apps we use to make this happen- Google Drive, Dropbox, Planoly or also by text!

GOOGLE DRIVE // First, you will need to download the Google Drive App to your phone and connect it to your Google Account.  Once this is set up, you can then drop any videos from your computer to your Google Drive.  This will then allow you to access any of the videos on your phone when you open the App.  Downloading the videos to your phone is pretty easy, click the video to bring up more options (use the '..." at the top right corner) and then select "Send a copy".  More options will pop up, then click "Save Video". The video will then download to your phone's library. Google Drive doesn't tell you it's downloading, but it will be working in the background and the setting options will go away once the download is complete. This is the method we use 99% of the time!

DROPBOX // You will need to download the Dropbox App to your phone and connect it to your account first.  Once this is set up, you can then drop any videos from your computer to your Dropbox account.  This will then allow you to access any of the videos on your phone when you open the App. When your ready to download the video to your phone, click the video to bring up more options (use the '..." at the top right corner) and then select "Export". More options will pop up, then click "Save Video". Dropbox will then export the video right to your phone and let you know when it is complete.  You will find it in your phone's library.

PLANOLY // If you have an account with Planoly, this is a great way to post videos to instagram without all the back and forth, downloading to your phone, etc... etc.  Using the desktop version, upload your video right to your Planoly account, schedule your post and ta-da! You will still need to follow steps 2-5, since Planoly will not let you select your aspect ratio, sound options or cover image.


Once you have the video downloaded to your phone, open Instagram and select the video from your Library.  The first step you will need to do is adjust the aspect ratio.  This basically allows you to select the size of your video, if you want it to be displayed as a square (1:1), landscape (16:9) or portrait (4:5). Instagram always defaults to square (1:1) so unless you change this some of your video could get cut off.


Next... if the video has sound, be sure to turn it on! Just click the speaker icon at the top.


This is probably the most commonly missed steps when people post videos to Instagram! There is a 'Cover' tab at the bottom right corner.  This will allow you to scroll through your video and pick the perfect cover image to be displayed on your profile feed. Once you selected your cover image, click next at the top right corner! If you don't pick a cover image, Instagram will default to the first frame of your video as the cover.

05.  SHARE!

You're almost ready to share your video! Just post your caption for the video, tag the people who are in it and do your hashtags! (and if it is a video we did, be sure to tag us of course!)



//  Keep your video under 60 seconds, Instagram won't let you upload anything longer than that.  If you do, they will just cut the end. 

//  Don't fade up from black in the beginning of your video.  If someone is sharing or posting your video and forgets to change the cover image, the video will show up black!  We see so many people make this mistake, so in order to avoid this its better to eliminate the fade-in from black all together for Instagram videos.

//  Keep your video resolution at 1920x1080 or less otherwise it will not upload properly!  We shoot most of our videos in 4k (which is a 3840x2160 resolution) so when we want to post a video to Instagram we will always down-res the video.

//  Try posting portrait (vertical) videos to Instagram! This is something new we have been loving! Instagram is a vertical platform, so why not take advantage of the vertical real-estate and create more engagement! See an example here.

A Special First Look // Heather + Jason


Heather and Jason said 'I DO' on May the 4th at the beautiful Mallard Island in Manahawkin, NJ. One of our favorite moments from their wedding day was their first look. It was such a special moment and if you listen really closely, you can actually hear the beating of their two hearts from the mic. It's these real, raw, emotional moments that we love the most!


Jason and Heather have known each other for over 10 years!  They met in 2007 through mutual friends but at the time, they were both dating other people.  But years later, the stars magically aligned; they both became single at the same time during the summer of 2014 and have been inseparable ever since! Now that is what you call meant to be!

Jason proposed to Heather a hot summer day in July.  Heather was actually away at a bachelorette party for one of her friends in the Poconos. Jason called her one morning after the girls trip saying that he was at the hotel where she was saying and wanted to check out the sights together in the area since the bachelorette party was over.  Although Heather was so tired from the long weekend, she said okay! It was then, in the middle of one of the trails, in front of a big waterfall with a crowd of people, that Jason got down on one knee and proposed! Of course Heather said, YES!! They both had their best friends there with the most beautiful backdrop and it will be a day they will never forget!

We can't wait to share more from their magical day! #GarcedinStone

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Videographer: Tonemedia
Venue: Mallard Island Yacht Club
Photographer: Wayne Charles Photography
DJ: BME Event Group - Ricky Perez
Hair + Make-Up: Danielle Hale +  Renee Dinella
Florals: Twisted Willow Flowers
Wedding Cake: Carlo’s Bakery - Hoboken
Wedding Dress: Country Way Bridal - Morilee
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse

IGNITE 2018 // NJ Spark Workshop


I am SO EXCITED to share with you all a recap video of the Ignite 2018 Workshop that took place in March!  Amy, Cassi, Mekina, Jess and Debbie were the incredible speakers this year talking about website design, off-camera flash, second shooting, the art behind authentic and emotional posing, pricing and trusting God with big life changes in your business! Their words of wisdom and encouragement just blew me away - simply amazing!

If you are not familiar with Ignite, it is a free workshop for photographers held by the NJ Spark girls.  And NJ Spark is a group of Christian women photographers in NJ, NY and PA that meet weekly to discuss faith and photography. This is their way to serve and love on the photography community. The workshop is an amazing way to connect with others in the industry all while learning valuable information and resources to help grow your business. 

When the NJ Spark girls asked me to be apart of the workshop again this year, of course I said YES!  I attended last year and put together a recap video which you can watch here. I was so excited to not only to capture the amazing talks this year, but also seeing all the attendees learning, watching and growing right before my eyes.  This year, it was a one day workshop with 50+ attendees!  The best part about capturing the behind the scenes of the workshop was seeing the impact these girls were making on photography community and all the people around them! It was incredible! 

If you would like to learn more about NJ Spark, you can check out their website here!

And here is a little BTS of me!  Thanks  Lauren Kearns for snapping this!

IGNITE Workshop 2018-Lauren Kerns-0014.jpg

A very BIG shout-out to the amazing speakers at the workshop!  You all are amazing and so inspiring! Amy Rizzuto, Cassi Claire, Mekina Saylor, Deborah Ryan, Jessica OH

  Photo by:  Lauren Kearns

Photo by: Lauren Kearns


Workshop: NJ Spark
Styling + Coordination: Jessica OH
Floral Design: Kerry Patel
Invitation Suite + Hand Lettering: Penned by Alice
Hair & Make-Up: Mary of Lighten Up Salon + Spa
Cakery: Neverland Bake Shoppe
Models: Mary Elizabeth Trotter + Eric Nakonechny


3 Ways to Incorporate Your Voice into Your Wedding Film

Audio plays such a BIG roll in putting together your wedding film.  It not only helps to tell the story of your actual wedding day, but it also helps to tell your love story.  A story of how you met, what you love to do, who you are as a couple, how you said "YES!" and serves as a reminder why you will be soon saying "I DO!"

Did you know we actually spend A TON of time just selecting music and pulling audio bites from your wedding day first to craft your story before we even place the visuals down on the timeline to craft your film? Crazy right?! Making sure your film reflects your personality and style is so important to us. We want your wedding film to be a true reflection of you!

We love including audio bites from maid of-honor toasts, bestman toasts, father-of-the-bride toasts and even just natural sounds from the day (people laughing, cheering you on and telling you how beautiful you look in that wedding dress!).  These are all great moments to incorporate into your film.  But let's be real for a minute, we aren't always sure what will be said during these toasts, or how many drinks the bestman had before he is handed the mic and well... not everyone is a professional public speaker ready to give a speech infront of a few hundred guests! But thankfully through the magic of post-production we can make most people look and sound amazing!

Something we absolutely love and encourage all of our couples to do is to incorporate their own voice into their wedding film! It adds a personal and unique touch; you can hear what you said, how you said it and remember how you truly felt in that moment. This gives you the chance to describe your love for each other in your own words and document your very own story.  Your wedding film is about you and one of the greatest memories you will share together as a couple. Including your voice into your film creates an personal connection, one that you can look back on years from now and feel that way all over again.


 wedding vows, wedding custom vows, wedding personal vows, nj wedding videographers, tonemedia


There is nothing more romantic than starting off your marriage with words from your own heart.  Personal vows add a emotional touch to your ceremony.  If you have a unique love story, this is your time to share it. Talk about the moment you met or fell in love and all the amazing aspects of your relationship. We find that when couples share their own vows, this is one of the most intimate moments of a wedding day. You will share so many emotions together; tears of joy, laughter and love. And the best part, we capture it all on film for you to hold onto forever! Just remember, don't wait last minute to do any of the writting; take your time, reflect on your relationship and the promises you will make to each other, after all these are words of forever! See a video example HERE and HERE.

 love letters, wedding love letters, wedding card exchange, wedding cards, tonemedia, nj wedding videographers


Some of you may be getting married in a church or having a religious ceremony where personal vows are not an option or maybe public speaking is just not your thing. Writing love letters to each other is a great alternative to doing personal vows. Many couples already plan on exchanging cards and/or gifts before the ceremony and this is a great way escape from any chaos of the day, to reminder each other why you are here and even help settle any wedding day nerves! Love letters also serve as a great audio moment for your wedding film. We love having couples read their own cards; it's a great way for you to tell your own story, in your own voice and doing so without the audience! See a video example HERE and HERE.

 wedding thank you speech, couple thank you speech, bride and groom thank you speech, tonemedia, nj wedding videographers, bride and groom speech


Giving a 'Thank you Speech' during your reception is such an amazing way to acknonowlge all the people who made your wedding day possible. Raising your glass and sharing words of appreciation for guests who traveled far and wide to come celebrate with you goes a long way! Some of the most memorable weddings we have been to is when the couple did a thank you speech. It is such a kind and heartfelt moment your guests will always remember. You get to toast to new beginnings, your new spouse and two families uniteing as one. And if your a little nervous about speaking in front of everyone, don't worry, everyone who will be there loves you, adores you and you won't be doing it alone since you'll have your new spouse by your side! See a video example HERE.

Some couples may decide to incorporate all of these moments into their wedding day and that is great!  But we encourage you to at least consider one of these personalized audio moments into your day.  It will bring you back to all the emotions you felt on that day, allow your voice to be heard and your story to be told authentically!

Our Website Refresh... Cue the Confetti!


 NJ Wedding Videographers, Website Refresh, Cue the Confetti, Tonemedia

The last few months we have been so busy and working really hard on updating our website and we are so excited to finally share it with all of you! Even though the website has technically been live while we have been updating it, we are making today as our official launch day! I think the colors, the style and everything about it really reflect who we are and what Tonemedia is all about! Love, family, memories and telling stories. 

We really wanted our website to be simple, bright and engaging.  And it was important for us to have our videos as the focus to tell the stories since that's well, what we do! We also did a total refresh on our 'About Us' page so you should definitely go check that out here and let us know what you think! And we added a new page for our brand clients which we are so excited about, you can go check that out here

We have so many big plans for the business this year and we are so excited for what is to come! I promise that you will be seeing a lot more of us here on the blog, so get ready to follow along! And in just a few short weeks we will be kicking off our 2018 wedding season!  YAY!! Can't wait to share all the amazing weddings on the blog!

So to kick off the celebration of our site refresh and our new about us page, we thought it would be fun to do a short post with some fun facts about us!




I feel like a lot of people know we are high school sweethearts but don't realize when you put it into numbers that it actually translates to being together for 15 years! We were just 16 years old when we started dating in high school and then the rest is history!



That's right!  Not only are we both Leo's, but we were born the same year and our birthdays are just 4 days apart!  August is always a big birthday celebration month for us! 



So when I say we live next to a QuickChek, I mean literally... QuickChek is our next door neighbor! Too bad we grew up in Central Jersey because we totally love Wawa more!  But living next to a convenience store sure does have its perks, if we run out of milk, need coffee or need a late night ice cream run, we are just steps away!



We love having board game nights with our friends and through the years, we have built up a pretty big collection! A couple of our favorites are Dixit, Wits and Wagers, Time's Up and Pit! So go check them out  OR let us know if you want to come over and have a game night!  We are always up for that! :)


5.  WE MOVE ... A LOT.

Moving is always such a pain but after moving 5 times together, we feel like quite the experienced movers! Our first apartment together was in Lawrenceville, then we moved up to Morristown, then to Randolph, then to Bedminster and then the latest move to our first house in Morris Plains! It literally has been quite the journey!  I would say our biggest piece of moving advice is to get movers! We moved ourselves 4 out of the 5 times and this last move we hired movers and it was a game changer!!



We were just 16 years and in love!  And the funny thing is our Senior Prom was actually at the old Park Chateau which is now where we shoot so many of our weddings!  It looks so much different then it did back then!



I mean who doesn't?!  They are such a power couple!  Justin has been getting into real estate lately (we purchased a duplex last summer) and with my background in Interior Design, this is totally possible right?! We love watching Fixer Upper together, love their home line in Target and really look up to the empire they have built! Not to mention they are a husband and wife team! 



Justin and I were totally obsessed with DDR in high school and it was one of the things that actually brought us together as friends!  Justin saw a posting for a DDR competition in North Jersey, so he entered us in!  We picked our favorite DDR song, came up with our own steps and there you have it, we came in 4th place!  



In a lot of ways, Tonemedia was started because of Dave Ramsey! He challenged us to take some chances in our career paths and they were some of the best decisions we've ever made!  We shared some of the things we learned to our friends and family and it has helped them as well.  Definitely check him out!



I know, right?!  Life has been a bit crazy after we got married with work, starting our business and taking care of some personal things.  But this year we are breaking the streak... and we are headed to Hawaii in just a couple of weeks!  We are so excited!  And you guessed right, we are totally bringing our camera and drone!  Our vacation video will be coming to this blog very soon!


Book Trailer // From Anxiety to Love by Corinne Zupko


Today is book launch day for Corinne Zupko; the author of the book From Anxiety to Love.  We are so beyond grateful to have been apart of this wonderful journey with Corinne to create this beautiful book trailer for her! Everything about this project was amazing and we are so excited to share with you all!

From the minute Corinne contacted us about creating a trailer for her new book, we knew this was going to be such a fun project!  Corinne is such an inspiring and passionate individual, the work she does is changing lives. This book launch for her has been a long time coming and it was so important to her to have a video for the launch of her new book.  By creating this video, it will help reach more people and create an even bigger impact in this world. Amazing, just amazing.

 Book trailer, from Anxiety to love, Corinne Zupko, Tonemedia
This book describes the process I used to work myself out of terror and into an anxiety-free life. And by working that process, I’m now doing things I never thought I would be capable of.” - Corinne Zupko


We worked closely with Corinne throughout the entire process to be sure we brought her vision to life.  We had several strategy session calls to come up with concepts, storyboards, song selections and script-writing.  You can see some of our different concepts and storyboard process below.

After we had our concept and shot list nailed down, it was time to start filming! Lights, camera... action! We first recorded the voiceover and then headed to the different locations to shoot the b-roll for the video.  We headed to downtown Asbury Park, NJ to shoot the beginning scenes of the trailer and then head to the beach to catch the sunset and shoot one of our favorite parts of the video..... the fairy lights! We couldn't have had more perfect day, the weather was perfection and was everything we had in-visioned for that day!  

We created a 2-minute book trailer to help promote the launch of her new book, a 1-minute video to post on social media and Instagram and a Video Looper for her website and Facebook banner.  All to create a consistent markrting approach and reach people on all platforms.


From Anxiety to Love by Corinne Zupko

Published by: New World Library

New Jersey Bride // Spring Wedding Editorial Shoot

New Jersey Bride Video

IT'S OUT!!!  Did you all get your copy of the new 2018 Spring issue of New Jersey Bride Magazine yet?!  If not you are missing out!  There are so many beautiful features in this issue including the styled shoot we got to be a part of at the Park Chateau!  As usual, Kristin Rockhill killed it with all of her amazing details and wedding inspiration! A-MAZING! And we had the opportunity to work with some incredible vendors!  Check out this BTS we put together from the shoot! So much fun!

Styled Shoot Vendors

Publication: New Jersey Bride Magazine
Stylist: Kristin Rockhill (Details of I do)
Venue: Park Chateau
Photographer: Vanessa Joy
Video: Tonemedia
Jewelry: Roman Jewelers
Bridal Salon: I do I do
Rentals: Party Rental LTD
Hair & Makeup: Jose Eber
Desserts: Coco Luxe Bakery

Park Chateau Estate Wedding // Alyssa + John

Park Chateau Estate Wedding Video

What an AMAZING way to end our 2017 with Alyssa and John's beautiful holiday glam wedding at the one and only Park Chateau! I can't even count how many times we have cried, laughed and danced along while putting together this video. Seriously, all the feels! Alyssa and John, we can't wait for you to relive this magical day over and over AND over again!

What perfect day for a December wedding and with days before Christmas, the Park Chateau was decked out with gorgeous holiday wreaths and greenery! Alyssa and her girls got ready in the beautiful bridal suite on the grounds of the Park Chateau and as always, Michelle Elise Artistry were working their magic! Not far down the hall, John and his guys were hanging out and getting ready.  We were so happy to be working with one of our favorite photographers, Jennifer Larsen; she is so amazing- #dreamteam right here!

Alyssa and John shared a special first look in the garden- the chapel doors opened and Alyssa made her way to see John.  Family and friends peeked out on the balcony filled with excitement as they watched this special moment unfold!  You have to watch their highlight video to see their reactions to this amazing moment! 

After capturing portraits, everyone headed to the nearby church to watch these two officially tie the knot!

From their sparkler exit out of the church, to their fairytale first dance, to their heartfelt 'thank you' speech- these were just a few of our favorite moments from the day!  

Alyssa and John, thank you two for sharing your special day with us! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. John Tedeso! #MerryingTedesco

 Park Chateau Estate Wedding, tonemedia, nj wedding video, nj wedding videographer, nj wedding videopgraphy

Wedding Vendors

Videographer: Tonemedia
Venue: Park Chateau Estate
Church: Our Lady of Peace Church
Photographer: Jennifer Larsen Photography
DJ: Eclipse Events
Hair & Make-Up: Michelle Elise Artistry
Florals: Bloom Florist
Wedding Cake: Conca D'Oro
Wedding Dress: Nicole Boutique - Ashley and Justin
Bridesmaid Dresses: The Dessy Group
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Perona Farms Wedding // Lydia + Jose

Perona Farms Wedding Video

Lydia and Jose first met over 15 years ago, they lost touch over the years but it was fate that brought them back together.  Destiny has a plan for us all, and for these two, well, they are simply soulmates! 

They held their wedding at the beautiful Perona Farms in Andover, NJ.  The grounds were amazing and all decked-out for the holidays with wreaths on the outside of the barn and we were so lucky to have such perfect weather for their November wedding!

Their ceremony took place inside the barn and it is where they exchanged their own vows that were seriously so incredibly heartfelt and romantic.  This is a love story like the movies!  Just watch their highlight video and you will see exactly why!

Right after the ceremony, we ran outside to catch the last couple minutes of daylight for portrait session and let me tell you, these two rocked it!  Capturing the love between these two was amazing; so intimate, fun and their personalities just shined!

After, we headed back into the barn where they transformed the room into the reception with dining and the dance floor.  Their first dance was for sure one for the books!  The rest of the night was filled with love, laughter and lots of salsa dancing!!

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Jose Almeida! #mr&mrsAlmeida

 Perona Farms Wedding, tonemedia, nj wedding video, nj wedding videographer, nj wedding videopgraphy

Wedding Vendors

Videographer: Tonemedia
Venue: Perona Farms
Photographer: Moses Cruz Photography
DJ: Elegant Music Group
Hair: Kristen Okaly Make-Up: Jamie Saunders
Florals: Shades of Chic
Wedding Cake: Palmero's Bakery
Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander - I do I do

The Hamilton Manor Wedding // Kaitlyn + Tom

The Hamilton Manor Wedding Video

"They say you don't marry the person you can live with, but you marry the person you can't live without."  As for Kaitlyn and Tom, they are each others 'person' and with that, just so perfect for each other!

When we asked Kaitlyn and Tom what they were most excited about for their wedding day they said "having all our friends and family together celebrating our marriage." and that indeed is one of the most amazing moments of a wedding day, being surrounded by all that love! 

Kaitlyn and Tom started off the day getting ready at the new Hilton Homewood Suites in Hamilton, NJ.  Kaitlyn had the cutest black and white plaid shirts for her and her bridesmaids while they all got ready, they, of course, popped a bottle of champagne!  Tom and his guys were not too far away as they also shared a toast before the festivities of the day began!

Before heading over to St. Anthony's church for their ceremony, Kaitlyn shared a special first look with her dad - what an emotional moment!  You have to watch the part in the video where Kaitlyn's dad talks about the moment his little girl was born and how she earned her nick name of "beamer", but be sure to grab some tissues first! Tom was so excited to see his bride walk down one of the longest aisles in New Jersey, the smile on his face says it all!

After their beautiful ceremony, we made a stop at Kuser Park for portraits.  The beautiful fall weather, colors and sunlight we had were amazing!  But what made it even more amazing, was this beautiful couple and capturing their love! 

Kaitlyn and Tom's reception venue at the Hamilton Manor was so amazing!  The grand ballroom with high ceilings, up-lighting and all the details were absolutely stunning!  And let me tell you, that dance floor was packed the entire night!

In the words of Kaitlyn's dad, "Today, we celebrate life, love and laughter!" Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cassano! #TradinginMcMenamin

 The Hamilton Manor Wedding, tonemedia, nj wedding video, nj wedding videographer, nj wedding videopgraphy

wedding Vendors

Videographer: Tonemedia
Venue: Hamilton Manor
Church: St Anthony's Hamilton, NJ
Photographer: Susan Hennessey Photography
Band: Hank Lane - Frank Simmons Band
Hair: Happily Ever After Hair Make-Up: Kiss n' Makeup
Florals: Zenplicity
Wedding Cake: CoCos Bakery
Wedding Dress: Pronovias Atelier - Jaehee Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Hailey Paige
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Sebastian Grey