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Let's Have a Party! // Deanna + Travis


When we asked Deanna and Travis, what is one thing you guys are most looking forward to on your wedding day, their response was…“We are most excited to get everyone that we love in one room and have one heck of a party! We plan to dance all night!” And that’s exactly what they did, they threw one heck of a party and it was so much fun!

We can't wait to start editing their wedding highlight!! Congrats Newlyweds! #SoonToBeJasinski


Deanna and Travis met online in the summer of 2015. The two talked for a number of weeks until they agreed to meet in person and went on their very first date in Asbury. They had chemistry from the very second Travis picked up Deanna that night! Deanna even snuck away to the bathroom during dinner and texted her closest girl friend "I am going to marry this man". They have been virtually inseparable since!

They got engaged on May 11th, 2017 at dinner after Deanna's graduation from Physician Assistant School. Travis and Deanna had talked about getting married many, many times over the months but both agreed that Deanna needed to focus on school and that they would get engaged after school, when the moment was right. Well, on the day of Deanna's graduation everything was status quo - her whole family and even her best friend came in for the special day. They attended the ceremony, took pictures all over campus (Travis enjoys photography on the side and took some gorgeous photos!) and then headed for dinner. At dinner, Travis' family joined in for the celebration and they sat at a long table of 20 along the window overlooking the ocean. About half way through dinner, once meals were being cleared, Travis snuck away to the restroom. Deanna was so busy chatting that she didn't even notice him leave! When he returned, he was being a little goofy as he tried to get back to his seat. We were seated right up against the window so he was struggling (imagine a big 6'3" man trying to get past 4 seated guests and back into his own chair) to get back to his seat and in his struggle he caught everyones attention. He wiggled his way back, but instead of sitting down in his chair - he pushed it in and got down on one knee! He asked Deanna to be his wife! She instantly, embarrassingly, started crying tears of joy as they kissed for the first time as a newly engaged couple. Their families were all shocked as well! The only person who knew he was going to pop the question was my dad! 

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Tonemedia, NJ Wedding Videographer, NJ Wedding Videopgraphy, NJ Wedding Video, Perona Farms Wedding


Videographer: Tonemedia
Venue: Perona Farms
Photographer: Jac n Jules
DJ: This Is It Entertainment
Hair + Make-Up: MakeMeUp Eva
Florals: Thistle Bee the Florist
Wedding Cake: Palermo's Bakery
Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia - Hearts for You Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Group
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Jos A Banks

Music licensed from Soundstripe

3 Ways to Incorporate Your Voice into Your Wedding Film

Audio plays such a BIG roll in putting together your wedding film.  It not only helps to tell the story of your actual wedding day, but it also helps to tell your love story.  A story of how you met, what you love to do, who you are as a couple, how you said "YES!" and serves as a reminder why you will be soon saying "I DO!"

Did you know we actually spend A TON of time just selecting music and pulling audio bites from your wedding day first to craft your story before we even place the visuals down on the timeline to craft your film? Crazy right?! Making sure your film reflects your personality and style is so important to us. We want your wedding film to be a true reflection of you!

We love including audio bites from maid of-honor toasts, bestman toasts, father-of-the-bride toasts and even just natural sounds from the day (people laughing, cheering you on and telling you how beautiful you look in that wedding dress!).  These are all great moments to incorporate into your film.  But let's be real for a minute, we aren't always sure what will be said during these toasts, or how many drinks the bestman had before he is handed the mic and well... not everyone is a professional public speaker ready to give a speech infront of a few hundred guests! But thankfully through the magic of post-production we can make most people look and sound amazing!

Something we absolutely love and encourage all of our couples to do is to incorporate their own voice into their wedding film! It adds a personal and unique touch; you can hear what you said, how you said it and remember how you truly felt in that moment. This gives you the chance to describe your love for each other in your own words and document your very own story.  Your wedding film is about you and one of the greatest memories you will share together as a couple. Including your voice into your film creates an personal connection, one that you can look back on years from now and feel that way all over again.


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There is nothing more romantic than starting off your marriage with words from your own heart.  Personal vows add a emotional touch to your ceremony.  If you have a unique love story, this is your time to share it. Talk about the moment you met or fell in love and all the amazing aspects of your relationship. We find that when couples share their own vows, this is one of the most intimate moments of a wedding day. You will share so many emotions together; tears of joy, laughter and love. And the best part, we capture it all on film for you to hold onto forever! Just remember, don't wait last minute to do any of the writting; take your time, reflect on your relationship and the promises you will make to each other, after all these are words of forever! See a video example HERE and HERE.

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Some of you may be getting married in a church or having a religious ceremony where personal vows are not an option or maybe public speaking is just not your thing. Writing love letters to each other is a great alternative to doing personal vows. Many couples already plan on exchanging cards and/or gifts before the ceremony and this is a great way escape from any chaos of the day, to reminder each other why you are here and even help settle any wedding day nerves! Love letters also serve as a great audio moment for your wedding film. We love having couples read their own cards; it's a great way for you to tell your own story, in your own voice and doing so without the audience! See a video example HERE and HERE.

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Giving a 'Thank you Speech' during your reception is such an amazing way to acknonowlge all the people who made your wedding day possible. Raising your glass and sharing words of appreciation for guests who traveled far and wide to come celebrate with you goes a long way! Some of the most memorable weddings we have been to is when the couple did a thank you speech. It is such a kind and heartfelt moment your guests will always remember. You get to toast to new beginnings, your new spouse and two families uniteing as one. And if your a little nervous about speaking in front of everyone, don't worry, everyone who will be there loves you, adores you and you won't be doing it alone since you'll have your new spouse by your side! See a video example HERE.

Some couples may decide to incorporate all of these moments into their wedding day and that is great!  But we encourage you to at least consider one of these personalized audio moments into your day.  It will bring you back to all the emotions you felt on that day, allow your voice to be heard and your story to be told authentically!